Citation and Analysis for the Family Historian


Author: Mills, Elizabeth Shown
Publication Date: 1997
Reprint Date: 2011
Pages: 124 pp.


Elizabeth Shown Mills’ stunning book, Evidence!, provides the family history researcher with a reliable standard for both the correct form of source citation and the sound analysis of evidence. In successful genealogical research, these two practices are inseparable, and the author’s treatment of this little-understood concept is nothing short of brilliant.

To quote the author, “Research, evidence, citation, and analysis are inseparable. Evidence is the vehicle that moves our research from curiosity to reality. Citation and analysis are the twin highways that get us there, smoothly and safely. Evidence! tries to strip away much of the confusion that researchers experience in this adventure. It offers a road map for beginners, who hope to avoid mistakes, and guideposts for the advanced, who already appreciate the need to map their own course precisely. . . .”

To quote one of the book’s reviewers, “Not just every genealogist, but every historian as well, should own a copy. Evidence! is filled with useful information that is difficult to find elsewhere.”–Grady McWhiney, Ph.D. Lyndon Baines Johnson Professor Emeritus, Texas Christian University.

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