English Estates of American Colonists

American Wills and Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1610-1699


Author: Coldham, Peter Wilson
Publication Date: 1980
Reprint Date: 1983
Pages: 78 pp.


For this work entries in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Act Books from 1600 onwards were examined and abstracts made that related to settlers in America and their families. This was verified and supplemented by comparing it with the main printed works listing American wills in the PCC resulting in notes on wills made by Englishmen who named relatives living in the American colonies, or who had interests there.

The 1,500 abstracts in this volume are arranged alphabetically by the name of the testator or intestate, with reference to his marital status when he died, the place of death, the date of probate or administration, names of executors and administrators, and the names and relationship of various family members. About 5,000 persons are mentioned in the abstracts.

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