Abstracts of Wills, Administrations, and Marriages of Fauquier County, Virginia, 1759-1800


Author: King, Junie Estelle Stewart
Publication Date: 1939
Reprint Date: 2007
Pages: 101 pp.
ISBN: 9780806308012


Included with this volume of probate records is a list of marriage bonds for the period 1764-1800, the Rent Roll of 1770 (and the Rent Roll of the parent county, Prince William, for the year 1738), cemetery inscriptions, and a variety of miscellaneous data. Notwithstanding the terminal date of 1800 in the title of this work, the probate records actually run up to the year 1804. Typically the abstracts give the name of the testator; dates of instrument and probate; names of spouse, children, and other family members; names of executors and witnesses; the page number of the original will book in which the full will is recorded; and detailed references to the disposition to the estate. The marriage bonds contain the names of approximately 2,000 men and women, and each is accompanied by a reference to the date of the bond. The index to this work contains something near 6,000 entries.

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