A Complement to Genealogies in the Library of Congress: A Bibliography


Author: Kaminkow, Marion J.
Publication Date: 1981
Reprint Date: 2001
Pages: 1,118 pp.


This work lists 20,000 genealogies that were not in the Library of Congress when the Bibliography and First Supplement were published. It includes additions and corrections to those volumes as well as an index of 10,000 secondary names. Code letters designate the libraries in which all these items may be found. Altogether the holdings of 24 major libraries are listed, though this figure may actually be said to represent 45 libraries, since the Allen County Library of Fort Wayne, Indiana, possesses photo and microform copies of genealogies from 21 additional libraries.

“In this volume Mrs. Kaminkow has won another crown with many stars in it.”The American Genealogist

“Libraries that own the original volumes of the bibliography will want to add the Complement.”Library Journal

“A Key to a treasure trove of information that will be a boon to careful students of genealogy everywhere.”Genealogical Journal

“This will help straighten the crooked paths of ancestry for many genealogists. Public libraries and historical societies can make the lives of . . . Genealogists a bit easier with this book.”Wilson Library Bulletin

“It is indeed a landmark effort that will receive much praise and many thanks from all of us who use it.”–Gunther Pohl, New York Public Library

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