Jamestown early Virginia settlers

Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers, 1607-1635: A Biographical Dictionary: Unprecedented Biographical Dictionary of Early Virginians

"On May 13, 1607, Virginia's first colonists came ashore on what became known as Jamestown Island. The next day, they commenced establishing an outpost they called James Cittie or Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the United…
Mississippi Genealogy Research

Michael A. Ports Contributes Third (Mississippi) Addition of 2018 for “Genealogy at a Glance” Series

Only a month or two ago Genealogical.com published new laminated research aids by author Michael Ports covering the states of South Carolina and Tennessee. Now Dr. Ports is back with yet another installment in our “Genealogy at a Glance”…
Molly Pitcher

New Book on Women Heroes of America’s War for Independence

Women Patriots in the American Revolution. Stories of Bravery, Daring, and Compassion By Jack Darrell Crowder Historians and genealogists have mostly overlooked the role of women in the American Revolution, even though women’s roles…
Summer Genealogy book releases

New Summer Publications from Genealogical.com

This summer we are happy to announce a significant number of new publications that could assist you in your research. For example, Michael A. Ports has delivered the first of four new installments in our series of laminated research aids, “Genealogy…
Royal Decedents

New Royal Lines (including Meghan Markle’s) in Royal Descents of 900 Immigrants

The Royal Descents of 900 Immigrants to the American Colonies, Quebec, or the United States (RD 900), the long-awaited opus by Gary Boyd Roberts of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, covers literally hundreds of genealogical…
Best genealogy Book evidence explained

Why the Revised Third Edition of EVIDENCE EXPLAINED, by Elizabeth Shown Mills is a Must-Have for your Book Shelf

Revised Third Edition of EVIDENCE EXPLAINED, by Elizabeth Shown Mills Now Available Purchasers of Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice & Standards should also acquire another standard reference work from Elizabeth Shown…

Forensic Genealogy Explained in PROGEN PPS

“A forensic genealogist,” according to Michael S. Ramage,  J.D., CG, “is one who applies genealogical knowledge, methods, and standards to legal problems and proceedings.” Mr. Ramage, who is himself a forensic  genealogist and…
New Spring Releases from Genealogical.com


Announcing new spring releases! Read below for details. Warwick County, Virginia Court Records, 1782-1843 By Richard Dunn Warwick County, which merged with the city of Warwick in 1952, was one of Virginia's original shires upon its…
Elizabeth Mills Books Signing

Book Signing by Elizabeth Mills at Genealogical.com Booth at NGS 2018

Come and get your copy of the new and groundbreaking Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice & Standards (ProGen PPS) signed by editor Elizabeth Shown Mills at the GSC 2018! The 2018 National Genealogical Society Conference takes…
Professional Genealogy book

Problem Analysis from Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice & Standards

In last week’s issue of “Genealogy Pointers,” we announced the publication of the all-new Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice & Standards (ProGen PPS, edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills and written by a new generation of…