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Early Reviews of ‘Generation by Generation’ Feature Strong Endorsements

Early Reviews of Generation by Generation Feature Strong Endorsements

Drew Smith’s new book for Beginning and Intermediate genealogists, Generation by Generation: A Modern Approach to the Basics of Genealogy have begun to come in and are uniform in their high praise. Below are three examples.

Generation by Generation by Drew Smith

Thomas MacEntee, writing on his blog, “Genealogy Bargains” on March 8, remarks that, “Over the past year or two, I’ve been hoping for a guide that distilled what can be an overwhelming process into just the “basics.” My hopes have come true, and Generation by Generation is just what the genealogy sphere needs right now . . .” MacEntee views the book as an excellent resource for beginners, easy to understand, full of a librarian’s tips, fair and balanced in its treatment of online sources, and helpful to beginner’s looking for previously published works on their family. MacEntee concludes,  “Isn’t it great when you encounter an instructional guide or website, and you say to yourself: “This is EXACTLY what I needed!”? Or in my situation as an educator, you say “This is EXACTLY how I would have organized and written this book.”

On March 20, 2023, Margaret M. McMahon (Dr. Mac), who writes the blog A Week of Genealogy, says, “Generation by Generation: A Modern Approach to the Basics of Genealogy is a concise way for new genealogists to benefit from Mr. Smith’s wisdom as well as enjoy his warm and approachable manner. . . Part I of the books lays a solid foundation of key knowledge and skills a reader needs to conduct successful genealogical research. In Part II, readers are guided while they actually research their own ancestors. . . This is a book to read and use. It is a way for a reader to bring Mr. Smith home and have him alongside while taking significant steps to research family history.” According to Dr. Mac, “Generation by Generation introduces beginners to the main ideas, terminology, and pitfalls of genealogy thereby giving them a strong foundation for more detailed research”.

The review by Marian B. Wood, author of the blog, Climbing My Family Tree is succinct and to the point: “Know any newcomers to genealogy? I encourage you to point them toward a new book designed specifically for people just starting their journey into family history. . . . At 170 pages, this large-format book is well-illustrated and highly readable, making the genealogy process accessible to newcomers.  In short, I highly recommend Generation by Generation.”