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Announcing My GPC Library—Our New eBook Platform

My GPC Library eBook Subscription for Genealogy

Beginning in 1952, we changed the field of genealogy by reprinting the best books covering the last three centuries and making them available and affordable. In 1973 we published the first modern, comprehensive textbook in the field and, ever since, have  produced hundreds upon hundreds of original source record collections, genealogies, and more how to books. Now, in 2023, we are about to dramatically change the way genealogy research in books happens.

For the past two decades, our president has been on a crusade to find these tools. Now, by combining our unsurpassed collection of reference books and source records with the World’s #1 eTextbook Reader, we are giving you the tools to lay open the content of all our eBooks, revealing the treasures hidden inside. All of us at the Genealogical Publishing Company are excited to bring you this new opening for your research.

Accordingly, today we introduce our new eBook subscription program. We have placed our nearly 800 eBook titles on this exciting new platform. The newest tools that high school and college students are using are now available to genealogists.

For the first time, subscribers can look for names or places across all our eBooks–not just book by book—in a single search. The new platform allows you to set bookmarks, make notes, and add citations as you work.  Because you will have access to the entirety of every book, you can search for relatives or find neighbors of your ancestors to add context to your family history. And if you travel for your research, you can work remotely or online and things still stay in sync.

As a Genealogy Pointers subscriber, you already understand the value of working with the leading books in the field of genealogy. Imagine having access to the electronic equivalent of a $40,000 library of outstanding genealogy reference books! Now, with our enhanced search features, you will have unmatched access.

P.S. If you need a refresher on our collection, you can see a full list of our titles in electronic format by clicking on the eBook tab at the top of any page on our website. And throughout the year, as we add more titles to My GPC Library, you’ll have access to them at no extra cost! You also have the option of subscribing for a year at a time (best value), or for six months or 90 days.

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