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The Genealogy of Stories

Genealogy for kids

Covid-19 has upended things in the U.S. and around the world. Most of these changes are outside the realm of genealogy; however, one dramatic change is not: Families are spending far more time together in their homes. While this development can pose challenges, especially when both parents must work from home, it also provides an opportunity.

Our forced confinement is a perfect time to engage our children or grandchildren in fun activities related to family. Most children are naturally curious, so why not engage them with examples of family heirlooms and the stories behind them? Once we start that process, we can then give our kids activities for pursuing their personal responses to those stories. As Susan Provost Beller puts it in the Preface to her new book, ROOTS FOR KIDS: FINDING YOUR FAMILY STORIES, “We are starting here with something I like to call the genealogy of stories, and as we begin it is up to you to decide whose stories you would like to explore.”

The great thing about ROOTS FOR KIDS: FINDING YOUR FAMILY STORIES is that it lays out the kinds of stories and activities that will intrigue and inspire children to learn more about their families. In the process, children will also examine their ancestors’ nationalities, their family’s food traditions, and the origin of their surnames and given names. They will pick up skills essential to genealogy research: how to ask questions, construct timelines, create family group sheets, and organize information.

To illustrate Mrs. Beller’s approach, and the kinds of activities she has in mind you’re your children/grandchildren, we have reprinted the book’s Preface and the Table of Contents in full. See if you don’t agree that ROOTS FOR KIDS: FINDING YOUR FAMILY STORIES is the perfect holiday gift to share with your younger family members! View Book Details