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NGSQ reviews Updated Editions of Our Scottish, Polish, and Pennsylvania “At a Glances”

From time to time we like to share reviews of our publications as published in genealogy magazines, periodicals, and online. By doing so, we can not only take pride in the good things others are saying about our books but also let you consider how various authorities have come to regard them. The September 2020[…]Read more

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Polish Genealogy

Polish Genealogy at a Glance | Available in New 2020 Updated Edition

In the newly updated edition of Genealogy at a Glance: Polish Genealogy Research, expert genealogist Rosemary Chorzempa, lays out the basic elements of Polish genealogical research in four specially laminated pages. Starting with a discussion of names, the guide–which has been revised to include updated URLs, the latest statistics, and most important online databases and resources–focuses[…]Read more

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