Virginia Genealogy: Sources & Resources


Author: McGinnis, Carol
Publication Date: 1993
Reprint Date: 2008
Pages: xi, 498 pp.


This is an encyclopedic listing of Virginia sources and resources for the genealogist. Ms. McGinnis devotes entire chapters to such subjects as Virginia land, people, and history; immigration and migration; vital records; Bible and church records; census records; land and court records; manuscripts and records abroad; ethnic Virginia; slavery and African-Americans; counties and their records; independent cities and their records; genealogical collections; and genealogical societies. Several sections of the book are based upon answers to questionnaires which the author sent to Virginia courthouses and historical and genealogical societies. The bibliography alone runs to 125 pages and contains references to 1,421 books and articles on all aspects of Virginia genealogy. By any measurement, this is a real giant of a book–and the standard by which all future textbooks on Virginia genealogy will be measured.

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