The Prominent Families of the United States of America


Author: Burke, Arthur Meredyth
Publication Date: 1908
Reprint Date: 2008
Pages: 510 pp.


There can be few names associated with English genealogy as well known as Burke’s. Not only did Burke’s give us the Peerage, the Commoners, the Landed Gentry, the General Armory and a host of similar and equally famous books, but they also gave us a genealogical style, a method of laying out pedigrees in narrative form–easy to read, easy to follow, easy to understand.

When it came to books on American families–historically prominent families of British or European descent–they did no less in matters of style and content, and of the three great Burke’s volumes produced on American families, this present one is generally thought to be the most authoritative. Hundreds of pedigrees are included, each beginning with the living subject and showing his descent from the earliest known forebear.

The following is a list of the families covered in the work: Abney, Aglionby, Alexander, Allerton, Anderson, Arnold, Ashby, Barclay, Barnard, Barnwell, Beekman, Biddle, Blake, Bonaparte, Bourn, Breckinridge, Brooke, Bulkeley, Bull, Burket, Cabell, Candler, Carlisle, Carney, Carroll, Carter, Chase, Chauncey, Claiborne, Clinton, Coale, Collins, Converse, Conway, Cope, Coppinger, Corwin, Cradock, Curtis, Dallas, Daniel, Darlington, Davenport, Davies, Davis, Day, Delafield, De Wolf, Digges, Dodge, Drake, Draper, Duncan, Earle, Eno, Evans, Eyerman, Ffoulke, Field, Fish, FitzGerald, Fitzhugh, Flagg, Flint, Floyd, Fox , French, Fuller, Gamage, Garnet, Gaston, Gibbes, Goodrich, Gordon, Grant, Greene, Griswold, Hare-Powell, Hawthorne, Hayne, Henry, Higginson, Hill, Hosmer, Howard, Hoyt, Huger, Huidekoper, Izard, James, Jay, Jesup, Kingsbury, Lathrop, Leffingwell, Livingston, Lockwood, Longfellow, Low, Lowndes, Mallet-Prevost, Mallory, Mather, Mazyck, McCawley, Middleton, Minot, Morgan, Morton, Moseley, Munford, Nelson, Nicoll, Page, Parker, Parsons, Payne, Pearce, Peck, Pell, Pendleton, Penhallow, Penrose, Peterson, Plumb, Plympton, Pomeroy, Poole, Rainsford, Ravenel, Rhinelander, Richardson, Robertson, Robinson, Roosevelt, Rulon-Miller, Rush, Ruxton, Saltonstall, Sands, Sauxay, Sargent, Schieffelin, Scott, Scuder, Seabury, Sewell, Sherman, Shippen, Skipwith, Smith, Stephens, Stoddard, Sullivan, Sumner, Temple, Thomas, Throckmorton, Tilghman, Tower, Trenchard, Truman, Tyler, Varnum, Venable, Vilas, Vinton, Wadsworth, Wallace, Ward, Wetherill, Wetmore, Whitney, Whiton, Winslow, Wolcott, Woodhull, and Woods.

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