The Historical Families of Dumfriesshire and the Border Wars

Second Edition


Author: Johnstone, C. L.
Publication Date: 1889
Reprint Date: 2007
Pages: 213 pp.
ISBN: 9780806346298


Johnstone’s account is of the long-established families of the Dumfriesshire region of Scotland and, secondarily, of the so-called “Border Wars” which were waged from the twelfth century between the dominant Scottish families of South Dumfriesshire and the English in North Cumberland. Our reprint is from the important second edition, which contains an expanded chapter on the Border Wars. The author interweaves the stormy saga of Scottish-English wars, invasions, and intrigues with the fortunes and descents of the following principal families of the region: Armstrong, Baliol, Bell, Boswell, Bruce, Carlile/Carlyle, Carruthers, Clark, Corry, Crichton, Cummings, Douglas, Dunwiddie, Fergusson, Fleming, Gladstone, Gordon, Graham(e), Irving, Jardine, Johnstone, Kennedy, Kerr, Kirkpatrick, Laird, Maitland, Maxwell, Murray, Scott, Sharp, Stuart/Stewart, Trumble, and Wallace.

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