The Border Settlers of Northwestern Virginia, from 1768 to 1795

Embracing the Life of Jesse Hughes and Other Noted Scouts of the Great Woods of the Trans-Allegheny


Author: McWhorter, Lucullus V.
Publication Date: 1915
Reprint Date: 2004
Pages: 509 pp.
ISBN: 9780806306001


This vast work comprehends the first explorations, settlements, and Indian wars, as well as notes, anecdotes, and biographies of the Border scouts and pioneers, with copious memoranda and remarks concerning the military careers–mostly Revolutionary–of numerous Border settlers. Sown throughout the work are biographical sketches, genealogies, and thumbnail portraits of the early pioneers and settlers. With judicious impartiality the narrative surveys the depredations of Indian and pioneer alike, correcting a good many errors and misconceptions put by previous writers. Incident builds upon incident, anecdote upon anecdote, hair-raising account upon hair-raising account, until the whole incredible narrative of Trans-Allegheny frontier life becomes as evocative as if it had been lived at little remove.

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