South Carolina Provincial Troops

Named in Papers of the First Council of Safety of the Revolutionary Party in South Carolina, June-November, 1775


Author: Salley, Alexander S., Jr.
Publication Date: 1900-02
Reprint Date: 1999
Pages: 234 pp.


In June of 1775 the first Provincial Congress of South Carolina appointed a Council of Safety to administer the affairs of the Province. At the same time it provided for the formation of three regiments of regular troops. Charged with the responsibility of defending the Province against British incursion, the Council of Safety was empowered to raise the three required regiments. This work is a collection of the papers of the First Council of Safety for the period from June-November 1775, and it reflects the preoccupations of the Council in raising the proposed regiments.

The vast bulk of the work consists of rosters of the several thousand men who composed the three regiments, their names appearing in pay rolls, muster rolls, and returns of the various volunteer companies of foot and rangers. In addition, the book includes the text of sundry petitions for the raising of volunteer companies and lists of staff officer nominations. The remainder of the papers of the Council consists of general correspondence and records of business. Researchers should bear in mind the likelihood that the majority of troops named in these rosters saw service in the Revolution and can be officially credited to South Carolina’s Revolutionary honors.

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