Ships of Our Ancestors


Author: Anuta, Michael J.
Publication Date: 1983
Reprint Date: 2006
Pages: vii 380 pp.


Ships of Our Ancestors is a compilation of photographs of the steamships that were employed in transporting immigrants to this country in the heyday of mass migration. These were the propeller-driven, steel-hulled leviathans of legend, owned and operated by such famous shipping lines as North German Lloyd, White Star, Cunard, Guion, Red Star, Inman, and Hamburg-American. Photos of nearly 900 ships are arranged here in alphabetical order, and each ship is further identified by date, shipping line, and source. For genealogists the photographs represent a visual testimony of the great passenger ships that grew old in service and then passed from the scene without a trace. They are proof of a bygone time and our connection to it.

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