Settlers by the Long Grey Trail

Some Pioneers to Old Augusta County, Virginia, and Their Descendants, of the Family of Harrison and Allied Lines


Author: Harrison, J. Houston
Publication Date: 1935
Reprint Date: 2007
Pages: 666 pp.
ISBN: 9780806306643


Many of the early Valley of Virginia settlers resided on or near the Long Grey Trail, and the author brings the full weight of his acumen to bear on the Valley settlements, more especially on that part of Augusta County later formed into Rockingham. There was perhaps no family more intimately associated with the early history of Rockingham County than the Harrisons and their connections, the county seat itself being named for one of them. Appropriately, then, this work sets forth a detailed genealogy of the Harrisons of Augusta and their Harrison cousins throughout Virginia and in large parts of the United States and Britain.

Nevertheless, no attempt is made to confine the work to Harrison families. Many genealogies are included. Among the lines traced other than Harrisons are: Bear, Bowman, Brown, Burkholder, Byrd, Campbell, Chrisman, Conrad, Craven, Creed, Davis, Davison, Decker, Ewing, Gaines, Gordon, Hanna, Henkel, Henton, Herring, Hemphill, Hinkle, Hite, Hollingsworth, Hopper, Houston, Howard, Jordon, Keezells, Kennerly, Koontz, Lincoln, Logan, McWilliams, Martz, Mauzy, Monroe, Moore, Newman, Ott, Pickering, Price, Smith, Watson, Williams, Williamson, Woodley, and Yancey, to refer to some of them only. Approximately 1,000 families are covered and more than 10,000 family members are named and identified.

In addition to the genealogies, much of an historical nature is included in the Harrison work, such as articles on the colonial and Indian wars and the Revolution, documentary accounts of political upheaval and transition, analyses of Virginia Valley migrations, including German, Scotch-Irish, and Pennsylvanian migrations, and sketches of early churches, militia, and courts. Altogether, this is a singularly valuable contribution to Virginia Valley genealogy and history.

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