Scots-Irish Links, 1575-1725. Part Seven


Author: Dobson, David
Publication Date: 2008
Pages: 122 pp.
ISBN: 9780806353920


During the 18th century, as many as 100,000 Scottish Lowlanders relocated to the Plantation of Ulster (Northern Ireland). Within a few generations, the descendants of these Ulster Scots emigrated in substantial numbers across the Atlantic, where, as the Scotch-Irish (Scots-Irish), they made a major contribution to the settlement and development of colonial America.

This is the sixth volume (seventh part) in a series compiled by Mr. Dobson to identify the Lowland Scots who migrated to Ulster between 1575 and 1725–many of whose progeny may have emigrated to America. For this volume, Mr. Dobson relied on primary source material found in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast, and in the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh. He has supplemented those findings with research into secondary sources in the Linen Hall Library, Belfast, and in the library of the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. These are sources, by and large, that Mr. Dobson has not consulted for the previous volumes in this series.

As with previous volumes, each listing provides the inhabitant’s name, occupation, place of residence, a date, and the source. In some instances, Mr. Dobson gives quite a bit more, for example:

CAMPBELL, JOHN, ordained as a Presbyterian minister at Carncastle, Ireland, on 2 May 1677, a minister at Loudoun, Ayrshire, from 1685 to 1689, then he returned to Ireland as minister at Carncastle from 1690 to 1714, returned to Scotland, husband of Agnes Cunningham. [F.3.120]

In all, Mr. Dobson has uncovered an additional 1,500 Lowland Scots who re-settled in Ulster, and many of their progeny would cross the Atlantic.

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