Scots in the USA and Canada, 1825-1875. Part Five


Author: Dobson, David
Publication Date: 2007
Pages: iv 149 pp.


This is the fifth installment (fourth book) in David Dobson’s Scots in the USA and Canada, 1825-1875, a series designed to compensate for the lack of official Scottish passenger lists to North America during the 19th century. Containing about 1,800 sketches not found in the prior books, Part Five brings the total number of descriptions of the Scottish men and women and their families who were part of this great exodus to about 8,000. The data found in Part Five derives from newspapers and other documents in the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh. Researchers will find a list of references at the back of each book.

Dr. Dobson has arranged these expatriates alphabetically in each Part and, while the descriptions vary, he gives the individual’s full name, place of residence in North America (country, state/province, or city), an identifying date, and the source of the information. In addition, many of the entries indicate the individual’s date of birth, father’s name and occupation or place of residence, spouse, or the name of the vessel upon which he or she arrived.

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