Scotch Irish Pioneers In Ulster and America


Author: Bolton, Charles Knowles
Publication Date: 1910
Reprint Date: 2001
Pages: 398 pp.


This is a study of the emigration from Northern Ireland of persons of Scottish and English descent. Chapters are devoted to the Scotch-Irish settlements in Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina, and Massachusetts and include valuable lists of early pioneers. In addition, considerable space is devoted to the redoubtable settlers of Londonderry, New Hampshire. The book’s extensive appendices contain lists of great genealogical importance, including (1) petitioners for transport from Northern Ireland (1718); (2) hometowns of Ulster families, with names of the Scotch-Irish in New England from presbytery and synod records (1691-1718); (3) members of the Charitable Irish Society in Boston (1737-1743); (4) names of fathers in the Presbyterian baptismal records in Boston (1730-1736); and (5) names of ships carrying passengers from Ireland to New England (1714-1720). Biographical information, which is to be met with throughout the volume, is rendered instantly accessible by reference to the formidable index.

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