Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia, Volume I


Author: McCall, Mrs. Howard H.
Publication Date: 1941
Reprint Date: 2004
Pages: 294 pp.

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Mrs. McCall’s roster of Georgia soldiers in the Revolution was compiled over many years. The work as a whole is cumulative, with only slight, albeit significant, differences in the kinds of information which may be found in one volume versus another. Volume I of this work contains the records of hundreds of Revolutionary War soldiers and officers of Georgia, with genealogies of their families, and lists of soldiers buried in Georgia whose graves have been located. Volumes II and III are also published by Clearfield Company. The arrangement of Volume II is similar to that of Volume I; however, it contains records of officers and soldiers not only from Georgia but from other states, many of whose descendants later came to Georgia because of liberal land grants. Volume III, the longest of the work, is similar in scope to Volume II except that the majority of the entries are for Georgia officers and soldiers, with only some material relating to other states. The three volumes, each of which is indexed, refer to as many as 20,000 persons overall.

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