Pocahontas’ Descendants, Third Corrections and Additions


Author: Brown, Stuart E., Jr., Lorraine F. Myers
Publication Date: 1997
Reprint Date: 2003
Pages: 197 pp.


The Pocahontas Foundation, based upon information furnished to it, has compiled a tentative list of the descendants of Pocahontas, a list set forth in Pocahontas’ Descendants. This present volume, the third involving additions and corrections to the existing work, contains more than 120 pages of changes and revisions, with a forty-page index of 6,500 names. The name of the spouse of a Pocahontas descendant is listed even though that spouse is not a descendant of Pocahontas, but the name of a parent of such a spouse is not indexed unless, of course, that parent is a descendant of Pocahontas as well. This volume is an indispensable adjunct to contemporary Pocahontas scholarship.

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