Pennsylvania German Immigrants, 1709-1786

Lists Consolidated from Yearbooks of The Pennsylvania German Folklore Society


Author: Yoder, Don
Publication Date: 1984
Reprint Date: 2006
Pages: 394 pp.
ISBN: 9780806308920


The lists making up this remarkable work try to identify German emigrants in their homeland and in Pennsylvania. Thus they are cited with reference to manumission records, parish registers, passports, and other papers of German and Swiss provenance, and noted again, where possible, with reference to an equivalent range of Pennsylvania source materials, notably church records, wills, and tax lists. The emigrants are frequently listed in Strassburger and Hinke’s Pennsylvania German Pioneers, from which are drawn dates of arrival, names of ships, and other immigration evidence.

The materials antedating immigration often indicate causes, dates of emigration, the emigrant’s occupation, his dates of birth and marriage, place of birth and residence, and names of family members, sometimes with lines of descent for several generations. The materials cited after arrival in America generally identify the emigrant in connection with his place of settlement in southeastern Pennsylvania.

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