Michigan Military Records

The D.A.R. of Michigan Historical Collections: Records of the Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Michigan; the Pensioners of Territorial Michigan; and the Soldiers of Michigan Awarded the "Medal of Honor''


Author: Silliman, Sue Imogene
Publication Date: 1920
Reprint Date: 2008
Pages: 244 pp.
ISBN: 9780806303123


The major portion of this valuable source is devoted to a listing of Revolutionary soldiers buried in Michigan, giving for each soldier: his full name, date of birth, and date and place of death and burial; parents’ names; names of wife and her parents and the wife’s date and place of birth and death; names of children and their dates of birth; a record of Revolutionary War service; and a variety of biographical information. The section devoted to Michigan pensioners includes such information as the pensioner’s rank, when placed on the pension roll, service, commencement of pension, allowances and sums received, applicable pension act, important editorial notes referring to biographical and genealogical data, and so on.

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