Memories of Newburyport, Massachusetts, by Henry Bailey Little, 1851-1957


Author: Motes, Margaret Peckham
Publication Date: 2019
Reprint Date: 2022
Pages: 116 pp.
ISBN: 9780806359496


Here, Mrs. Motes has collected and transcribed a series of articles about the fishing port of Newburyport, MA, that originally appeared in the August 1959 issues of the Newburyport Daily News. These articles were originally assembled and edited by the daughters of Henry Bailey Little from his unpublished notes. Mrs. Motes has added vintage photographs of Mr. Little, historic buildings, the town’s once-active commercial port and shipping industry, and more.

A prominent banker, Mr. Little was well connected to New England civic life through his offices or directorships in the American Unitarian Association, First and Ocean National Bank, and the Anna Jacques hospital. Mr. Little lived long enough to record the extraordinary changes in Newburyport’s business community, its Labrador fishing industry, transportation, styles of dress, modes of communication, and other historical milestones from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century.

The book is divided into the following chapters: Memories of Newburyport; Recollections of a Long Life; Shipping, Business, and Banking; Some Newburyport Citizens; Seafaring Men Whom I Remember; Commentaries on Henry Little; Obituary and Tributes; and various addenda.

Anyone interested in the life and times of mid-19th and mid-20th-century Newburyport will enjoy Mr. Little’s charming collection of remembrances.

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