Managing a Genealogical Project

Updated Edition


Author: Dollarhide, William
Publication Date: 1999
Reprint Date: 2001
Pages: 98 pp.


This work focuses on a particular method of organizing research materials. Its unique system of organization takes you from the preliminary stage of your research to the final presentation of your work as a report or a book. The system, an outgrowth of the Dollarhide System of Genealogical Records, enables you to manage a genealogical project with maximum ease and efficiency.

The first section of the book covers the three basic types of the projects–pedigrees, lineages, and descendancies. The second section tells how to organize notes and keep paperwork to a minimum, while the third section shows the various methods of cross-referencing notes for purposes of retrieval and evaluation. Section four describes ahnentafel numbering, and section five descendancy numbering and the merits of the three main numbering systems–the Register, Record, and Henry systems–plus Dollarhide’s own combined Ahnentafel/Henry numbering system. Then there is a section on the applications of computer software to the project and a section on diagramming techniques and methods of presenting a pedigree or descendancy in polished form. Finally there is a set of nine master forms to be used in this work, and they can be easily photocopied and used as often as needed.

Updated in 1999, this edition of Managing a Genealogical Project features new material on computer software and CD databases.

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