Maine Biographies. Volume II

Maine Biographies. Volume II

Excerpted from "Maine Resources, Attractions, and Its People: A History"


Author: Coe, Harrie B.
Publication Date: 1928
Reprint Date: 2007
ISBN: 9780806351261


Following are the surnames of the persons featured in the biographical sketches of this volume, as compiled from the indexes appearing at the back of each volume.
Volume II: Adair, Adams, Alieff, Allen, Ames, Anderson, Andrews, Annett, Archibald, Austin, Averill, Barnes, Bartley, Bean, Beck, Beckwith, Belyea, Benn, Bennett, Berce, Berry, Bishop, Blackstone, Boardman, Bonville, Boone, Bradbury, Brewer, Bridgham, Briggs, Britton, Brown, Browne, Bubar, Budrow, Bugbee, Bull, Burke, Burleigh, Buzzell, Campbell, Carter, Cary, Chadwick, Chamberlin, Chandler, Chase, Cheney, Christie, Churchill, Clark, Clayton, Cleaves, Cleveland, Coburn, Coffey, Coffin, Collins, Conlogue, Cook, Crabtree, Crane, Crawford, Crocker, Crouse, Cumming, Curtis, Cyr, De Witt, Daggett, Damon, Day, Dickey, Dickison, Dingwall, Doble, Doherty, Donovan, Dorsey, Downing, Drew, Drost, Duclos, Dudley, Duncan, Dunn, Durepo, Dyer, Ebbett, Edmunds, Emerson, Erskine, Estes, Finn, Fitzpatrick, Fogg, Foster, Fowler, Frank, Getchell, Giberson, Gibson, Gilpatrick, Good, Gooding, Gorham, Gould, Grass, Graves, Gray, Greenwood, Griffin, Hacker, Hagan, Haines, Hall, Hamilton, Hammond, Hanning, Hanson, Hardy, Hare, Harris, Hartt, Havey, Hayes, Hayford, Hayward, Hemphill, Henderson, Higgins, Hill, Hillman, Hines, Hoegg, Hogan, Holdaway, Houghton, Howe, Hoyt, Huggard, Hughes, Hussey, Huston, Jamieson, Jenkins, Jewell, Johnston, Jordan, Kalloch, Keegan, Keirstead, Kempton, Ketchum, Kilburn, Kilpatrick, Kimball, Kitchen, Knowlen, Knox, Lane, Larrabee, Lawlis, Leighton, Libby, Lockhart, Long, Loring, Lovely, Lowrey, Ludwig, MacAllister, MacBurnie, MacNair, McCluskey, McGlauflin, McGown, McKay, McLaughlin, McPherson, Madigan, Mann, Mansur, Margesson, Marshall, Martin, Maxell, Mercier, Merritt, Michaud, Miller, Mitchell, Mooers, Murphy, Nadeau, Nason, Nickerson, Normand, Nowland, Noyes, O’Donnell, Ormsby, Oullette, Packard, Page, Palmer, Paradis, Parent, Parkhurst, Pelkey, Pelletier, Pendell, Perry, Peterson, Pettengill, Pierce, Pipes, Plummer, Pomroy, Porter, Powers, Proulx, Putnam, Rackliff, Ramsdell, Ramsey, Read, Rhoda, Rideout, Roach, Roberts, Roix, Ross, Russell, Sargent, Sawyer, Seeley, Sharp, Shaw, Smith, Soule, Spear, Spencer, Stadig, Stairs, Starkey, Stetson, Stevens, Stitham, Stoddard, Stone, Story, Sutter, Sylvester, Tapley, Tarbell, Taylor, Theriault, Thibodeau, Thomas, Thurlough, Titcomb, Tracy, Turner, Umphrey, Vail, Vose, Waddell, Walker, Wann, Ward, Washburn, Watson, Watt, Watts, Webb, Webber, Webster, Weick, Wellington, Welton, West, Wheeler, White, Whitney, Whittaker, Wilcox, Wilder, Willey, Williams, Winslow, Wolverton, Wood, Woodman, Woodworth, Wright, Young, and Zerxa.

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