Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York


Author: O'Callaghan, Edmund B.
Publication Date: 1849-51
Reprint Date: 2007
Pages: 351 pp.


O’Callaghan’s Documentary History of the State of New-York, a four-volume work published 1849-1851, was strong in genealogical records of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. But this fine work was hard to use for it had no name index.

This present work has all of the genealogical records in the O’Callaghan work, but it adds a complete index of names. Prepared by Roseanne Conway, the index lists about 12,000 inhabitants of colonial New York–Dutch, English, and German.

The following is a representative selection of lists of inhabitants in the work: Male Inhabitants of Ulster County, 1689; Army List, 1700; Census of the Counties of Orange, Dutchess, and Albany, 1702, 1714, 1720; Census of the City of New York, 1703; Inhabitants of Hempstead, 1673; Inhabitants of Flushing, Southampton, and Southold, 1698; Long Island Rate Lists, 1675, 1676, 1683; Census of King’s County, 1698; King’s County Militia, 1715; the Palatines, 1710-1714; Inhabitants of New Rochelle (1710) and East Chester; Freeholders in Ulster County, 1728; Lists of Quakers and Moravians, 1755-1756; Miscellaneous Lists, 1738; and Inhabitants of Gloucester County, 1771.

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