History of Allegany County, Maryland

In Two Volumes


Author: Thomas, James Walter, T. J. C. Williams
Publication Date: 1923
Reprint Date: 2015
Pages: 1,820 pp.
ISBN: 9780806357560


This two-volume county history contains sections devoted to the early settlement of the county and the development of its institutions–political, military, religious, and commercial. More important to the genealogist, however, is the work’s standing as a genealogical and biographical record. Fully the last quarter of Volume I and all of Volume II are devoted to sketches of representative Allegany County persons. Compiled from original sources, the more than 1,000 biographies provide compendious descriptions of the life and times of the subject, giving the dates and places of his birth and death, and the names of parents, spouses, children, and others related to him. Each sketch generally indicates the subject’s European origins and includes informative references to his ancestry in both the old country and the new. Long out of stock, this reissue will be welcomed by all possessing an interest in the history and genealogy of Western Maryland.

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