Genealogical Records in Texas


Author: Kennedy, Imogene, Leon Kennedy
Publication Date: 1987
Reprint Date: 2005
Pages: 248 pp.
ISBN: 9780806311852


The vast genealogical records of Texas were created by successive governments over a period of almost 200 years. From the earliest recorded land grants by the Spanish and the Mexicans, to the grants, deeds, and patents of the Republic and State of Texas, the titles to the lands of Texas have remained intact and have passed down by will or deed to the present. These records and masses of other genealogical records are available to the researcher provided he/she knows how and where to find them. This remarkable book holds the key.

Texas covers a lot of ground, but this guide cuts it right down to size and makes record searching fast and convenient. In text and maps it provides detailed information on the legal and historical background of the state, the origin of each county, the location of the records for each portion of the county before it was organized into its present boundaries, and the specific records available in the various county courthouses, the Texas State Library, the Texas State Archives, and the Texas General Land Office. In addition, it provides information on the original colonies and districts of Texas, a list of Spanish terms used in land grants and deeds, a list of Texas libraries with resources for genealogical research, and a bibliography. No reference source is wanting!

“Imogene and Leon Kennedy here present the sort of information that a genealogist needs at the beginning of a search for ancestors in Texas; historical data bearing on the creation and location of records of use in genealogical research.”–From the Foreword by David B. Gracy II, former Texas State Archivist

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