Genealogical and Personal Memoirs

Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts. Four Volumes. Partially indexed


Author: Cutter, William Richard
Publication Date: 1908
Reprint Date: 2008
Pages: 2,201 pp.


The four-volume Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts is one of the most sought after of all the Cutter titles. Many researchers with ancestors in the northern tier of the United States will find immigrants or 17th-century forebears in this series.

Following the Introduction to the work, which pinpoints the families’ geographical distribution within Boston and eastern Massachusetts, there is a genealogical and biographical essay for each of the nearly 900 main families treated. Each article commences with the derivation or origin of the surname in question and is then brought forward in great detail from the oldest known ancestor to the family member (living or memorialized) featured in the account. A lengthy biography of the latter, usually accompanied by a photograph, and an enumeration of collateral lines make up the balance of each essay. Finally, the surname index at the back of Volume IV identifies between 5,000 and 6,000 members of the main families covered, who are listed below and constitute a wholly unique group from those families treated in the other Cutter sets.

Abbot, Abbott, Aborn, Adams, Aiken, Ainsworth, Allen, Alley, Allyn, Amerige, Anderson, Andrews, Angier, Annis, Appleton, Archambault, Arnold, Arrington, Atkinson, Attwill, Austin, Ayer, Babb, Babcock, Babson, Bacheller, Bacon, Bailey, Baird, Bake, Baker, Baldwin, Balkam, Ballard, Bancroft, Bangs, Barker, Barlow, Barnard, Barrett, Barry, Bartlett, Barton, Bass, Baston, Batchelder, Baxter, Beach, Beal, Beale, Beals, Bearce, Beckett, Beckford, Beede, Beetle, Beirne, Belcher, Bell, Bemis, Bennett, Berry, Berwick, Bevington, Bicknell, Bigelow, Billings, Bills, Bisbee, Bishop, Bitzer, Black, Blair, Blaisdell, Blake, Blaney, Boardman, Bodine, Bodwell, Boehm, Bonelli, Bosson, Bowditch, Bowers, Bowman, Boyden, Boynton, Bradford, Bradley, Bradstreet, Breed, Breen, Brewster, Bridges, Bridgham, Briggs, Brock, Brooks, Broughton, Brown, Browne, Bruce, Bubier, Buckley, Buffington, Buffum, Burckes, Burdakin,
Burley, Burnham, Burns, Burrill, Bushby, Buswell, Butler, Butterworth, Buttrick, Buxton, Buzzell, Cain, Caldwell, Campbell, Campopiano, Capen, Card, Carder, Carleton, Carr, Carter, Cass, Caswell, Cate, Chadwick, Chamberlain, Chandler, Chapman, Chase, Cheever, Chenery, Chever, Child, Choate, Chubb, Churchill, Clapp, Clark, Clarke, Clement, Cleveland, Cloudman, Clough, Cobb, Cochran, Cogswell, Colburn, Colby, Cole, Collins, Conant, Conner, Cook, Coolidge, Coombs, Corliss, Cotter,
Crafts, Crandon, Crane, Cressy, Cromwell, Crosby, Crosman, Cross, Crowell, Crowninshield, Crummett, Cummings, Cunningham, Currier, Curtis, Cushing, Cutcheon, Cutler, Cutter, Cutts, Daley, Dalton, Dame, Dana, Dane, Daniels, Davis, Dawson, Day, Deland, Dempsey, Dennen, Dennett, DeSautels, Dewhirst, Dick, Dickerman, Dickinson, Dignam, Dillon, Doak, Doble, Dodge, Doggett, Dole, Dolliver, Dooley, Dow, Dowbridge, Downing, Drake, Drew, Driscoll, Drown, Dudley, Dummer, Duncan, Durant, Duston, Dutton, Dwinell, Dyer, Eames, Eaton, Eayrs, Eba, Edgett, Edmester, Edwards, Eldredge, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Ely, Emerson, Emery, Endicott, Ensign, Estes, Evans, Everett, Fairbanks, Fales, Faneuil,
Farley, Farnsworth, Farrar, Farrington, Faxon, Felch, Felt, Fenno, Ferrin, Field, Fielden, Fisher, Fishlock, Fiske, Fitts, Flanders, Flint, Floyd, Fogg, Folger, Follansbee, Folsom, Foote, Forbes, Forbush, Foster, Fowle, Fox, France, Frazier, Freeman, French, Frothingham, Fry, Frye, Fuller, Furness, Gage, Gale, Gardiner, Gardner, Garfield, Garland, Gates, Gay, George, Gerry, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilchrist, Gile, Gleason,
Glover, Goggin, Goldthwait, Goldthwaite, Goodell, Goodhue, Goodrich, Goodridge, Goodwin, Gorham, Goss, Gott, Gove, Gould, Graham, Graves, Green, Greenleaf, Greenwood, Gregg, Gregory, Griffin, Grimes, Grover, Guilford, Guptill, Hacker, Hadley, Hale, Hall, Ham, Hamlin, Hammond, Hanson, Hapgood, Harding, Hardy, Harlow, Harnden, Harrington, Harris, Hart, Haskell, Haskins, Hastings, Hatch, Hathaway, Hawkes, Hawks, Hawthorne, Hayes, Hayward, Heath, Herlihy, Hersey, Hichborn, Hickok, Higbee, Hill, Hills, Hilton, Hinds, Hoag, Hobson, Hogan, Holder, Holland, Holmes, Holt, Holyoke, Hood, Homans, Hopkinson, Horne, Horsford, Houghton, Howe, Howland, Hoxie, Hoyt, Hume, Humphrey, Hunking, Hunkins, Hunt, Hunting, Huntington, Huntting, Huse, Hutchinson, Hyde, Ingalls, Ingraham, Irwin, Ivers, Ives, Jacobs, Jaques, Jelly, Jenkins, Jenks, Jenness, Jepson, Jewett, Johnson, Joint, Jones, Jordan, Joslin, Joslyn, Kay, Keating, Kelsey, Kempton, Kendall, Kenison, Keniston, Kennard, Kent, Kimball, Kittredge, Knowles, Knowlton, Lambert, Lamprey, Lane, Lang, Langmaid, Larcom, Lawrence, Leach, Leadbetter, Learned, Leavitt, LeFavor, Lefebvre, Leonard, Lewis, Lindsay, Lindsey, Litchfield, Littlefield, Lloyd, Locke, Longfellow, Lord, Loring, Lothrop, Loud, Lovejoy, Lovett, Low, Lowell, Ludden, Lunt, Lyle, Lyman, McAllister, McCollester, McCollom, McDonald, McIntyre, McKean, McLain, McManus, Mackintosh, Mann, Marquand, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Matchett, Maynard, Mayo, Meader, Mears, Mellinger, Merrill, Meserve, Messenger, Mickel, Miller, Millett, Mills, Mitchell, Moody, Moore, Morrell, Morrill, Morrison, Morse, Morss, Morton, Moses, Moulton, Mudge, Munroe, Murley, Murphy, Nason, Nauss, Neal, Neale, Nesmith, Nevins, Newcomb, Newhall, Newsholme, Newton, Nichols, Norris, Norton, Nourse, Noyes, Nutter, Nutting, Nye, Oakes, O’Brien, Oliver, Ordway, Osborne, Osgood, Ostrander, Oswald, Packard, Page, Paige, Paine, Palmer, Parker, Parran, Parsons, Partridge, Patch, Pattillo, Paul, Peabody, Pearce, Pearson, Peirce, Pendleton, Penniman, Perkins, Perley, Peront, Perry, Pevear, Pew, Phelan, Phelps, Phillips, Pickering, Pickett, Pierce, Pilling, Pinkham, Pinnock, Pitcher, Plaisted, Plummer, Poland, Pond, Pool, Poole, Poor, Poore, Pope, Porter, Powers, Pratt, Prescott, Presson, Preston, Priest, Prior, Procter, Publicover, Pullen, Putnam, Quincy, Quinn, Raddin, Rand, Rawson, Ray, Rea, Redman, Reeves, Remick, Revere, Rhodes, Ricard, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Richmond, Ricker, Riggs, Robinson, Robson, Rogers, Rowe, Rowell, Rudd, Rumford, Russell, Rust, Rutter, Ryder, Ryerson, Sampson, Sanders, Sanderson, Sargent, Saunders, Saville, Sawyer, Schwab, Searl, Seavey, Sewall, Shackley, Shattuck, Sheldon, Shepard, Sheppard, Sherman, Shirley, Shorey, Silsby, Silver, Sim, Simonds, Skinner, Slavin, Slee, Sleeper, Smiley, Smith, Snow, Somerby, Spalding, Spaulding, Spear, Spinney, Spofford, Sprague, Stacey, Stacy, Standish, Stanley, Stanton, Stanwood, Starbuck, Staten, Stearns, Stetson, Stevens, Stickney, Stimpson, Stocker, Stone, Story, Stratton, Sumner, Swain, Swan, Swasey, Sweeney, Sweetser, Swett, Symonds, Tapley, Tasker, Tay, Taylor, Tebbetts, Tewksbury, Thacher, Thatcher, Thayer, Thomas, Thompson, Tilton, Timberlake, Tisdale, Titcomb, Tobin, Tolman, Tower, Towne, Towns, Trask, Trefry, True, Tucker, Tufts, Tuttle, Twombly, Underhill, Underwood, Upham, Upton, Valpey, Van Depoele, Van Buren, Van Ness, Vaughn, Veasey, Very, Vittum, Vose, Waite, Walcott, Ward, Wardle, Warner, Warren, Washburn, Way, Weare, Webber, Weber, Webster, Weir, Welch, Weld, Wellington, Wentworth, Wessel, West, Weston, Wetherbee, Whedon, Wheeler, Whitaker, Whitcher, Whitcomb, White, Whiting, Whitney, Whittem, Whittemore, Whittier, Wiley, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Willard, Williams, Willson, Wilson, Winchester, Wingate, Winkley, Winslow, Winthrop, Wood, Woodbury, Woodman, Woods, Worthen, Worthington, Wright, Wyman, Yates, and Young.

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