Families of Antrim, New Hampshire

Excerpted from "History of the Town of Antrim, New Hampshire, from Its Earliest Settlement to June 27, 1877, with a Brief Genealogical Record of All the Antrim Families"


Author: Cochrane, W. R.
Publication Date: 1880
Reprint Date: 2001
Pages: 465 [327-791] pp.


The town of Antrim, New Hampshire, was incorporated in 1777. It was settled initially by Scotch-Irish emigrants from the vicinity of Londonderry, Northern Ireland, and their children. Actually, the first Scotch-Irish inhabitants of Antrim arrived as early as 1744, representing just one of a number of “colonies” of Scotch-Irish Presbyterians launched by residents of the town of Londonderry, New Hampshire after its founding in 1719.

Families of Antrim, New Hampshire comprises the second half of W. R. Cochrane’s centennial history of the town, in which the compiler endeavored to record the genealogy, however fragmentary, of every family born or associated with Antrim from 1777 to the time of the book’s publication in 1880. Many of the genealogies, it should be noted, span the town’s 100-year history to 1877 and/or are replete with biographical information on their subjects. Arranged alphabetically by surname, the sketches number nearly 1,000. What follows is a list of the genealogies, by surname, that are more than a page or two in length: Abbott, Adams, Aiken, Atwood, Baldwin, Barker, Bell, Blanchard, Boutwell, Boyd, Brackett, Brown, Burnham, Burns, Butterfield, Carr, Cheney, Christie, Cochran(e), Cooledge, Cummings, Curtis, Dickie, Dinsmore, Dodge, Downing, Duncan, Dunlap, Fairbanks, Fletcher, Flint, Fox, Goodell, Gordon, Gregg, Hall, Hills, Holmes, Holt, Hopkins, Hutchinson, Jameson, Kendall, Kimball, Little, McAllister, McCauley, McClure, McIlvaine, McKeen, McNiel, Moore, Nesmith, Nichols, Paige, Parker, Parmenter, Poor, Raleigh, Raymond, Richardson, Robbins, Robinson, Sawyer, Simonds, Smith, Starrett, Steele, Stickney, Stuart, Swain, Swett, Taylor, Templeton, Thompson, Todd, Tuttle, Twiss, Vose, Wallace, Webster, Weston, White, Whittemore, Whitton, Wilkins, Wilson, and Woodbury.

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