Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. Vol. III: (New York Monthly Meetings)


Author: Hinshaw, William Wade
Publication Date: 1940
Reprint Date: 1991
Pages: 540 pp.


The material in this third volume of Hinshaw’s renowned Encyclopedia consists of data of genealogical interest recorded in the books of four monthly meetings covering the activities of the members of twenty-two Meetings for Worship and other meetings in New York City and Long Island. These records are supplemented by information found in family bibles of early Long Island Quakers; also by burial registers and tombstone data from several burial grounds, Quaker and non-Quaker. Births, marriages, deaths, and certificates of removal are grouped together by meeting and arranged in alphabetical order under the family name. About 370 pages are devoted to the important New York City Monthly Meeting; smaller sections cover the Flushing, Westbury, and Jericho Monthly Meetings. Unusual importance is attached to this book in that every item in the entire volume was extracted from original books of records and minutes and alphabetized by John Cox, Jr., author of Quakerism in the City of New York, 1657-1930 (1930).

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