Delaware Trails: Some Tribal Records, 1842-1907


Author: Arellano, Fay Louise Smith
Publication Date: 1996
Reprint Date: 2005
Pages: 527 pp.


The work at hand contains probably the greatest single collection of records pertaining to the Delaware Indians assembled in one volume. Spanning the period 1857-1904 and touching on 20,000 individuals or households, these records, many of which establish relationships between family members, consist, in the main, of censuses or pay rolls, medical records, annuity payments, school attendance records, land improvement records, and abstracts based on the Final Rolls of Cherokees by Blood . . . of the Five Civilized Tribes. Among the most important of the lists are the following: a listing of the heads of families of the Delaware Tribe of Indians within Fort Leavenworth, with references to other family members by age and sex; Delaware land allotment records, showing the name of the land holder and the location of the land; names of Delaware Indians who variously elected to retain or dissolve their tribal relations under the Treaty of July 4, 1866, showing the name of the head of household and his minor children; and an extensive record of the Delaware Indians residing in the Cherokee Nation, showing the name of the property holder, his children and grandchildren, and the land under improvement.

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