An Index of Hereditary English, Scottish, and Irish Titles of Honour


Author: Solly, Edward
Publication Date: 1880
Reprint Date: 1999
Pages: 205 pp.


This is an index of about 5,750 titles of honour, alphabetically arranged, which gives the family name for all the Peerages and Baronetages of the United Kingdom, both existing and extinct at the time the work was originally published. It also shows the date when each separate title was conferred, the family seat, and the changes which the titles underwent. Since hereditary titles of honour often are used by direct male descendants and, in some creations, by heirs in general, the family names themselves are little known. Identification of family hereditary honors is thus facilitated through the use of this index.

“Mr. Solly’s Hereditary Titles of Honour now before us is a book which ought to be among the ‘working tools’ of every genealogist. It gives us a clue to a large class of pedigrees entirely uncatalogued in the various guides to printed genealogies which have been published. If therefore an account of a family is required it will easily be found by referring to any Peerage or Baronetage, as the case may be, published during the time the title was in existence, or to books treating of dormant and extinct titles if not now in being.

“Mr. Solly has done much service to genealogists by the publication of this volume . . . it is the first attempt made to furnish a list of Hereditary Titles.”-The Genealogist [London], Volume IV, pp. 210-211.

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