A History of the Early Settlement of Newton, County of Middlesex, Massachusetts

from 1639 to 1800. With a Genealogical Register of Its Inhabitants, Prior to 1800


Author: Jackson, Francis
Publication Date: 1854
Reprint Date: 2002
Pages: 556 pp.


This account of Newton, Massachusetts, covers the early history of the town and biographical information about its pioneers. An extensive Genealogical Register contains the names of all the inhabitants of Newton prior to 1800, with such facts concerning them as the author could glean from the town and county records and elsewhere. Information given varies greatly but can include marriage and death dates, names and birth dates of children, place of origin, occupation, religious denomination, land transactions, estate details, and more. Seven inhabitants are profiled in detail in the Appendix: Capt. Thomas Prentice; Col. Ephraim Williams; Alexander Shepard; Nathaniel Seger; Timothy Jackson, Esq.; Rev. Elhanan Winchester; and Col. Joseph Ward. Also included in this volume are a map of the town in 1700, showing the approximate location of the homesteads of the early settlers, and lists of names of town clerks and treasurers, selectmen, representatives to the General Court, and freeholders who were in the town at the close of the 18th century. Although in a few instances events of a later date are mentioned, most of the facts included herein pertain to the years between the town’s first settlement in 1639 and 1800.

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