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48-Hour Savings on The Georgia Frontier–Three-Volume Collection of Genealogies

(Introductory price in effect until 11:59 PM, Wednesday, November 21, 2018)

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Following General James Oglethorpe’s initial settling of Europeans from England, Scotland, and the Palatine to the Georgia Colony and the dissolution of the Georgia trustees’ charter, the British Crown offered substantial land grants to entice other colonists to settle and work the Georgia countryside.

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As early as 1752, colonists from New England, Virginia, and the Carolinas poured into Georgia, bringing with them their families, servants, and sometimes entire religious communities. By 1775, these “frontier” settlements had established extensive coastal cotton and rice plantations. After the Revolution, Patriot veterans established homesteads by taking up land grants for their war services. During the early 1800s, Georgia employed a series of land lotteries to attract even more settlers. Once the federal government had evicted Georgia’s Cherokee and Creek populations during the late 1820s, the stage was set for a climactic state lottery of middle and western Georgia lands in 1832.

Set against this history of Georgia’s advancing frontier, genealogist and author Jeannette Holland Austin assembled an unprecedented work that preserves the record of many of these pioneering families. Her three-volume THE GEORGIA FRONTIER is nothing less than the culmination of a career spent tracing Georgia families. Mrs. Austin, who has been actively engaged in genealogy for more than 40 years, is the author of 60 collections of genealogies, county histories, and abstracts of genealogical source records. (From 1988 to 2000 the author also served as Staff Training Director for the Jonesboro, Georgia, Family History Center.)

THE GEORGIA FRONTIER sets forth the genealogies of 591 families, referencing tens of thousands of Georgia settlers. The families are divided into three convenient groupings: (1) families that settled prior to 1775, (2) families that first entered Georgia between the Revolution and before the Civil War, and (3) families that migrated to Georgia from Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina at various periods.

Available only in book form, Mrs. Austin’s work is a landmark in Georgia genealogy. From today until 11:59 PM, tomorrow, November 21, 2018, you can order your three-volume set of THE GEORGIA FRONTIER at the special price of $149.95 (a savings of more than 22%),, compared to the retail price of $192.95.

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