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PROFESSIONAL GENEALOGY. Preparation, Practice & Standards (ProGen PPS)

Elizabeth Shown Mills, Editor

In 2001 twenty-three genealogists collaborated to produce the first-ever textbook outlining professional standards and practices in the discipline of genealogy. Edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills, the groundbreaking Professional Genealogy: A Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lecturers & Librarians (ProGen) addressed not just genealogy sources but also strategies and analytical skills, best practices and standards for historical research, and how to conduct a genealogical business. It remains a go-to manual for genealogists for its instruction on evidence and problem analysis, research processes, abstracting and transcribing documents, and more!

Now a new generation of genealogical educators have given the field an entirely new guide to the profession of genealogy–offering fresh insights and new specialties, grounded in more-solid standards and wider experiences and applications. In twenty-six chapters and nearly 700 pages, written by twenty-two experts and edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills, Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice & Standards (ProGen PPS) is an invaluable resource for professional genealogists and students, as well as all family history researchers. “From genetic and forensic genealogy to ethics and contracts, business structures, marketing, writing, editing, and preparing books for press, ProGen PPS promises to inspire thought processes and ignite new discussions” (Billie Stone Fogarty, M. Ed. President, Association of Professional Genealogists).

ProGen PPS provides a complete course of instruction to prepare genealogists for a career in a complex field. Whether you discover this career path as a young adult or come into genealogy as a mature researcher trained in another professional discipline, ProGen PPS will ground you in the essential practices, standards, and language of genealogy—those expected by courts, government agencies, and others who commission research. If you are a librarian or archivist who assists family historians on a daily basis, ProGen PPS provides a framework to coach them well. If you are a family or local historian, seeking to learn and preserve your heritage, ProGen PPS will help you avoid common pitfalls and guide you through the production of quality works.

ProGen PPS is a landmark volume with an abundance of new material and thought. The collective talents of today’s generation of key influencers bring together unsurpassed knowledge of our craft that simply must be studied by novice and expert alike!”–David E. Rencher, AG, CG, FUGA, FIGRS, Chief Genealogical Officer, FamilySearch

About  the editor, Elizabeth Shown Mills

Elizabeth Shown Mills, the architect and editor of both Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice & Standards and 2001’s Professional Genealogy: A Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lecturers & Librarians, has been cited by her peers as the most influential genealogist in the post-Roots era.

As a pioneer educator in standards-based research and a developer of problem-solving strategies for proving identities and kinships, Mills edited a major scholarly journal for 16 years and both taught and directed programs in the field’s leading institutes for three decades. Widely published by commercial and scholarly presses in genealogy and history, as well as literature and sociology, Mills’s fifteen books include GPC’s best-seller Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace and its companion series, QuickSheets.

Chapters & Authors of
PROFESSIONAL GENEALOGY. Preparation, Practice & Standards

Foreword, by Angela Packer McGhie, CG,

Preface & Acknowledgments

Professional Preparation

  1. Defining Professionalism, by Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D., CG, CGL, FASG
  2. Educational Preparation, by Melinde Lutz Byrne, CG, FASG
  3. Genealogical Credentials by Paul K. Graham, AG, CG and  Dawne Slater, CG
  4. Auxiliary Careers, by Michael G. Hait, CG, CGL

Ethics & Legalities

  1. Ethical Considerations, by Michael S. Ramage, J.D., CG
  2. Executing Contracts, by Malissa Ruffner, J.D., CG
  3. Copyright & Fair Use, by Judy G. Russell, J.D., CG, CGL

Career Management

  1. Structuring a Business, by Jean Atkinson Andrews, CG
  2. Managing Records & Time, by Jeanne Larzalere Bloom, CG
  3. Setting Fees, by Elissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGL
  4. Marketing, by Michael G. Hait, CG, CGL

Professional Research Skills

  1. Reasoning from Evidence, by Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D., CG, FASG
  2. Problem Analyses & Research Plans, by Laura Murphy DeGrazia, CG
  3. Research Procedures, by Harold Henderson, CG
  4. Forensic Specialization, by Michael S. Ramage, J.D., CG
  5. Genetics for Genealogy, by Blaine T. Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D. and Judy G. Russell, J.D., CG
  6. Lineage Applications, by Barbara J. Mathews, CG, FASG, and Darcie Hind Posz, CG

Writing, Editing & Publishing

  1. Research Reports, by Nancy A. Peters, CG, CGL
  2. Genealogy Journalism, by George G. Morgan
  3. Proof Arguments & Case Studies, by Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D., CG, CGL, FASG
  4. Critiques & Reviews, by Stefani Evans, CG
  5. Crafting Family Histories, by Michael J. Leclerc, CG
  6. Editing Periodicals, by Melinde Lutz Byrne, CG, FASG
  7. Preparing Books for Press, by Craig Roberts Scott, CG

Educational Services

  1. Genealogical Lecturing, by Judy G. Russell, J.D., CG, CGL
  2. Genealogical Teaching, by Elissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGL

Appendix: Abbreviations & Acronyms

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