The New 4th Edition of Evidence Explained

Evidence Explained

A Library Journal “Best Reference”

  • 14 universal templates for citing every kind of source
  • 1000+ citation examples, each keyed to a specific template
  • New tutorial: “Building Your Citation”
  • Expanded emphasis on digitized primary sources
  • Expanded international coverage
  • Updated discussions and examples for every type of source and all digital delivery mechanisms
New 4th Edition of Evidence Explained

Students, scholars, and curious sleuths all face the same questions:

  • What details must we capture for each type of source, in order to understand it and properly interpret its evidence?
  • How do we evaluate a record’s credibility—especially when its information conflicts with assertions made in other sources?
  • How do we identify each source—not just so it can be found again, but so we and others can judge its reliability?
  • How can we guard against link rot and disappearing sources when doing online research?

Evidence Explained guides us through a maze of historical resources not covered by other citation manuals—all kinds of primary-source materials, accessed through all kinds of media. More than a thousand examples for U.S. and international documents demonstrate how to handle the quirks that stump users of these materials.

Elizabeth Shown Mills is a historical writer with decades of research experience in public and private records of many western nations. Published widely in both academic and popular presses, Mills edited a national scholarly journal for sixteen years, taught for thirteen years at a National Archives-based institute on archival records, and for twenty-five years headed a university-based program in advanced research methodology. Mills knows records, loves records, and regularly shares her expertise in them with live and media audiences around the world.