German Genealogy Research

Angus Baxter & Ernest Thode: One-Two-Three Punch for German Researchers

In recent issues of “Genealogy Pointers,” we have highlighted Angus Baxter’s In Search of Your German Roots.  Fifth Edition.  Besides Baxter’s description of German history’s impact on its genealogy sources, equally informative chapters in the Fifth Edition cover German genealogy websites, German-Jewish records, the German records of the LDS Church, the archives of Germanic genealogy,[…]Read more

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German-English Genealogical Dictionary

Ernest Thode’s German-English Genealogical Dictionary Essential for Understanding German Documents

If tracing your German origins requires that you read documents written in German—if you plan to research ones from the  19th-century or earlier it’s a virtual certainty you will—Ernest Thode’s classic dictionary is one book you should own. This book is designed for the family researcher who has little or no knowledge of German but[…]Read more

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