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We’ve Closed Down the Library Site
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This is the platform we have been searching for.
Finally, the on-line, fully searchable library of the best titles from Genealogical Publishing Company, the leading publisher of genealogical reference books and source material since 1952.

Here’s what you’ll be getting…

More Content: In addition to the books you’ve been working with, we’ve added:

  • PDF eBooks we could not put on the old site;
  • New titles that we just converted;
  • An expanded and updated At a Glance series – the very best quick reference guides

New Tools giving you More Ways to Find what you are looking for:

  • Global searching of all our eBooks – what a time saver!
  • Searchable Book marks, Citations, and Notes – that you can always find!
  • Work online or remotely – and they stay in sync!

If you liked our old site, you’ll be overjoyed with the new one.

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