Williamsburg Wills

Vol. III of Virginia County Records


Author: Crozier, William Armstrong
Publication Date: 1906
Reprint Date: 2008
Pages: 77 pp.
ISBN: 9780806305677

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Since Williamsburg was the site of a colonial chancery court, the town retained copies of depositions, court orders, and wills from various Virginia counties. Although most of the early records were destroyed in various fires, all the wills of the chancery court had already been abstracted, and it is these will abstracts which comprise this volume. Williamsburg Wills consists of abstracts of 350 wills from the chancery court, containing information not to be found anywhere else. Arranged alphabetically according to the name of the testator, the abstracts, typically, furnish the date of the will and the date of probate, the name of the county, and the names, with relationships, of all heirs.

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