Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania

2 vols. in 1


Author: Glenn, Thomas Allen
Publication Date: 1911, 1913
Reprint Date: 2008
Pages: 356 pp. in all
ISBN: 9780806304304


Based on years of extensive research conducted in Wales, this work consists of genealogical notices of Welsh emigrants to Pennsylvania, mainly between 1682 and 1700. Alphabetically arranged, it relates to nearly 300 families and 2,000 individuals, with pedigrees and charts of the first arrivals. A sampling of the surnames covered in the lineages includes: Andrews, Arthur, Bevan, Cadwalader, Cook, Cooper, Corbet, Corne, David, Davies, Davis, Edward, Edwards, Ellis, Evan, Evans, Foulke, Gibbons, Griffith, Griffiths, Hardyman, Harry, Haverd, Hayes, Hent, Howell, Hugh, Hughes, Humphrey, Humphreys, Iddings, James, Jarmon, Jenkins, John, Jones, Kinsey, Lewis, Lloyd, Martin, Matthews, Meredith, Miles, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Mortimer, Oliver, Orme, Owen, Painter, Pardo, Parry, Peter(s), Philips, Powel, Price, Prichard, Pugh, Rees, Rhydderch, Rhytherrach, Rice, Richard, Richards, Rider, Robert, Roberts, Rothers, Rowland, Thomas, Tudor, Samuel, Samuels, Scourfield, Smith, Walker, Walter, Watkin(s), Whelan, William, Williams, Wisdom, Wynn, and Wynne.

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