Virginia Marriage Records

from "The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography," the "William and Mary College Quarterly," and "Tyler's Quarterly." One Volume in Two


Author: Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, William and Mary College Quarterly
Publication Date: 1982
Reprint Date: 2009
Pages: 794 pp.
ISBN: 9780806309835


Virginia Marriage Records contains almost every list of marriages published in three esteemed periodicals–The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, the William and Mary College Quarterly, and Tyler’s Quarterly. The combined lists–fully indexed–comprise some 20,000 marriage records, most of which derive from bonds, ministers’ returns, licenses, registers, ministerial records, and newspapers. In the aggregate they form the largest collection of Virginia marriage records ever published. In addition to a handful of miscellaneous lists of marriages, the Virginia counties represented in the work, with the marriage dates of coverage, are as follows: Albemarle, 1800-46; Amelia, 1735-55; Augusta, 1749-73; Bedford, 1759-1800; Brunswick, 18th century; Buckingham, 1784-94; Campbell, 1800-10; Caroline, 1797-1852, 1822-45; Charles City, various dates; Charlotte, 18th century; Cumberland, 1806-09; Dinwiddie, 1819, 1832, 1833; Elizabeth City, 1689-1702, 1715-21; Essex, 1692-95; Fairfax, 18th century; Gloucester, 1777-78; Goochland, 18th century; Greensville, 1781-1827; Halifax, various dates; Hanover, 1780-81; Henry, 1778-1795; Isle of Wight, 1773-74, 1785-86; King George, 1768-76, 1787-1849; Lancaster, 18th century; Lunenburg, 18th century; Middlesex, 1740-1803; Norfolk, 1809-29; Northampton, 18th century; Northumberland, 1735-1795; Orange, 1753-76, 1756-72, 1772-1818; Pittsylvania, 1767-80, 1775-79; Prince Edward, 18th century; City of Richmond, 1801-13; Richmond, 18th century; Rockbridge, 1783-88; Rockingham, 19th century; Spotsylvania, 1722-50, 1726-44; City of Staunton, 1802-50; Surry, 1772-91; Sussex, 1754-83; Westmoreland, 1691- 92, 1788; and York, 1772-92, 1794-98.

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