Treets: A Feast of Family Trees


Author: Matthews, Tony
Publication Date: 2006
Pages: iv _ 104 pp.
ISBN: 9780806353142


Treets is Tony Matthews’s most imaginative collection of family tree designs yet! The author of Memory Trees, Creativitree, and Paper Trees returns with a new, and in some cases futuristic, collection of blank family charts to entertain and inspire the family historian. Readers of Treets can feast their eyes on designs for truck drivers, locomotive engineers, gardeners, Egyptologists, and cliff dwellers. Mr. Matthews has even come up with a design based on the Stonehenge monoliths on Salisbury Plain in England. There is another for bakers, family entertainment center owners, and lords of castles. Keeping pace with the changes in family structure, Mr. Matthews has prepared a special section of charts that account for former spouses, adoptees, and sperm donors. Since the author wants Treets to stay current, you’ll even find a blank chart containing spaces for clones and another set in outer space.

Throughout the volume, Mr. Matthews offers numerous suggestions and witticisms for how to make a family tree uniquely your own. You will learn where to find borders, public domain clip-art, and unusual motifs. Nor does Treets limit itself to pen and paper designs; instead, Mr. Matthews has suggestions for people considering putting their genealogies onto quilts or wood. In short, whether or not you’ve used previous collections of family trees, you are bound to enjoy Treets.

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