This and That Genealogy Tips


Author: Hornbeck, Shirley
Publication Date: 2000
Reprint Date: 2004
Pages: 249 pp.
ISBN: 9780806350271


Shirley Hornbeck’s how-to book is the culmination of her twenty-five years of experience as a genealogist. This and That Genealogy Tips is a handbook for what to look for–and what to avoid–when doing research. In this sense it is the perfect companion volume to virtually any genealogy textbook because it homes in on the most crucial aspects of any given subject, such as the recent impressive strides made in African-American genealogical research, while also highlighting its nuances, such as how to get more from census research than meets the eye. Mrs. Hornbeck, who originally published a number of her tips in various surname newsletters, and now does so on her own web site, has kept pace with changes in the field. Thus the reader with find chapters dealing with Gedcom, e-mail, the Internet, and the Social Security Death Index. Other features include a relationship chart and a glossary of some 400 medical terms, diseases, and epidemics. Still other chapters treat such specialized topics as Melungeon and Moravian Genealogy, Photography, and Westward Travel. In all, the author has organized her insights and suggestions into forty-two separate chapters spanning the genealogical terrain from land, military and probate records to occupations, naming practices and copyright, and from Great Britain, Germany, and Prussia/Poland to the National Archives, Family History Library and Valley Forge. In short, This and That Genealogy Tips is one book that promises expert advice and consultation to anyone seeking it on just about any topic.

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