The Swiss in the United States


Author: von Grueningen, John Paul
Publication Date: 1940
Reprint Date: 2005
Pages: 153 pp.
ISBN: 9780806352657


Originally published under the auspices of the Swiss-American Historical Society, this book is a collection of essays on topics of interest to persons of Swiss origin, especially those whose ancestors came to America after 1840. The book derives its title from its first and longest chapter, a description of the Swiss-American population in 1930. State by state, Mr. von Grueningen describes the Swiss presence in 1930, accounting for early settlements, occupations, city and county distribution, and changes in Swiss-American demography over time.

The remaining chapters feature a potpourri of Swiss historical and genealogical topics. Three chapters treat the Swiss in California. The researcher can read separate accounts of the expeditions of Heinrich Lienhard and Albert Kyburz as they journeyed from Switzerland to join their countryman Johann August Sutter, the central figure in the California gold rush. The fourth chapter concerns the establishment of an Italian-Swiss colony in northern California (San Francisco, Sacramento, etc.) by emigrants from the canton of Tessin (Tecino). In another chapter, genealogists will find many names and dates highlighting the Swiss pioneers of New York and New Jersey. The final chapter discusses the role of Swiss clergy (Catholic, Reformed, etc.), as well as missionary efforts among the Winnebago Indians. In all, this scarce volume refers to nearly 2,500 Swiss or Swiss-Americans.

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