The Surnames of Wales. Updated & Expanded Edition


Author: Rowlands, John, Sheila Rowlands
Publication Date: 2014
Pages: 344 pp.
ISBN: 9780806319971


The updated and expanded edition of The Surnames of Wales contains four new chapters and several updated and expanded chapters, with information deriving from a survey involving more than 270,000 surnames found in parish records throughout Wales. Among the many new features are an exhaustive study of how Welsh patronymics changed to settled surnames, an analysis of surname distribution, an expansion of the all-important glossary of Welsh surnames, and a groundbreaking survey and glossary of Welsh given names, a very important addition to the text because the geographical distribution of given names can provide clues to the origins of early surnames. From the authors of Welsh Family History, A Guide to Research, this edition of The Surnames of Wales is an indispensable reference work for family historians with Welsh ancestry.

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