The Royal Descents of Judith Ivye, Wife of Anthony Prater


Author: Hertzel, Thomas Benjamin
Publication Date: 2015
Pages: xii 214 pp.
ISBN: 9780806357263


This is a significant addition to the literature of royal and noble genealogy. Author Thomas Benjamin Hertzel establishes conclusively that Judith Ivye (b. 1550, d. Feb. 6, 1578), wife of Anthony Prater and daughter of Thomas Ivye and his second wife, Elizabeth Malet, descends through her mother’s line from many of the noble houses of medieval Europe. (Both of Elizabeth Malet’s parents, Hugh Malet and Isabel Mitchell, were of royal ancestry.) Judith Ivye died in Wiltshire, England, in 1578, survived by her husband and five of her seven children. She was descended from many of the most famous persons of the Middle Ages living in England and Europe, including William the Conqueror through more than one line; Henry I, King of France; Lothair I, King of Italy; Henry the Fowler, King of the Germans; Charles Martel; and hundreds more. In fact, Mr. Hertzel identifies 155 separate and distinct lines of descent, including several that tie some of Judith Ivye’s Prater/Prather descendants to other historical figures from which Judith herself does not descend. The Royal Descents of Judith Ivye, Wife of Anthony Prater is illustrated, fully indexed, and features a detailed bibliography of Mr. Hertzel’s sources.

Returning to Judith’s American descendants, her youngest son, Thomas Prater, married Margaret, the daughter of Henry and Alice Quintyne, and they had three children, Alice, Thomas, and Richard. Since Judith’s grandson Thomas had little chance of a substantial inheritance, he immigrated to America in 1622, settling in Elizabeth Cittie (now Newport News), Virginia, and becoming the ancestor of most of the Prater/Prather descendants of Judith Ivye now living in the U.S. Most of Thomas Prater’s immediate descendants migrated throughout Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas. Colonial-era families descended from Thomas include Adair, Beal (Beall, Bealle), Bowie, Brashears, Duckett, Duvall, Edmonstrone, Hyatt, Moore, Mullikin, O’Dell, Phillips, Swearingen, Turner, Williams, and Young. Later generations of descendants who settled in Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and the Deep South married into these families: Bourland, Brown, Burnside, Carroll, Casey, Cooper, Dobson, Falkenberry, Flynn, Hayes, Lance (Lentz), Osborn, Riley, Roach, Tucker, Turnbough, Woods, and Youngblood. Any researcher possessing one or more of these surnames should seriously consider purchasing a copy of this work for the vast connections to the distant past that this impressive new book promises to provide.

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