The People of Lowland Perthshire, 1600-1799

The People of Lowland Perthshire, 1600-1799


Author: Dobson, David
Publication Date: 2014
Pages: iv 119 pp.
ISBN: 9780806356792


Perthshire, the subject of this work, lies in the center of Scotland and is intersected by a geological fault known as the Highland Line, which divides the Highlands from the Lowlands. The Lowlands’ genealogical records are generally more comprehensive than the Highlands’, especially for parish records, the backbone of Scottish genealogical research. In general, Lowland persons found in this publication are identified by name, locality, date, and source, and in the majority of cases by at least one relation (spouse, parent, child) and/or occupation. In all, The People of Lowland Perthshire, 1600-1799 lists over 2,000 inhabitants of the county.

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