The Natchez Court Records, 1767-1805


Author: McBee, May Wilson
Publication Date: 1953
Reprint Date: 2003
Pages: 635 pp.
ISBN: 9780806314525


In 1781, two years after Spain took the Natchez District from the British, the Spanish commandant commenced to record all matters involving the mainly British inhabitants that would normally come before a tribunal. Those records form the basis of the first part of this book–sureties, bills of sale for land and slaves, inventories, appraisals, wills, etc. The second part of the work, Land Claims, 1767-1805, deals with British land grants in the Natchez District and is based on abstracts of land titles submitted to the United States for confirmation of land ownership. The index to the whole bears reference to 10,000 persons.

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